About HR Business Essentials

HR Business Essentials is a specialist business consultancy firm that works with business owners,
management and staff to optimise your people and company.

As specialists in leadership, planning, coaching, training, strategy, recruitment and workplace health
and safety; some of the major services we offer include (but are certainly not limited to) streamlining
employee processes, reducing staff turnover, increasing individuals’ productivity, reducing paperwork
and ensuring your business is compliant with legislation.

Essentially, we are about taking the human resources requirements off your plate to free you up to
focus on what you do best – running your business and creating a profit.

The HR Business Essentials approach is individually tailored to each business, as we know every
enterprise has its unique set of challenges and requirements. This customised approach ensures
your particular needs are met while making use of the resources you already have in place –
no time-consuming or costly double-ups!

It’s all about Planning + People + Performance = Profitability.

Also, as a member of Australia’s largest HR coaching group, the HR Coach Network,
HR Business Essentials has access to the latest business research, tools and methodologies
from the HR Coach Institute.

This means we constantly have our finger on the pulse.

Meet the Team

mary Mary Stevenson

Mary Stevenson is the director of HR Business Essentials. She founded the company in 2008 in response
to the need for professional human resources support to the SME sector. As an accredited ‘HR Coach’ and
member of Australia’s largest human resources coaching network, Mary is passionate about working with
business owners and managers to plan, resource and implement effective people management strategies
that link employees and their activities in the workplace into their business plan. More.





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